A third-party unofficial client for the Fox Go Server.


minifoxwq is a third-party unofficial client for the popular Fox Go Server, developed by the author of openfoxwq as a continuation of its efforts to provide a usable client in Linux and OSX platforms. It supports features such as:

  • observing broadcast games, including FineArt analysis when provided by the broadcaster;
  • playing games using automatch: 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 are supported;
  • chatting with other players;
  • accessing your game records and also other players';
  • FineArt AI analysis;
  • and many others.



Older versions


  • Discord: join us to discuss about the project, report issues and provide suggestions.
  • Buy Me A Coffee: if you want to support my work.


Match screen Login screen Game records FineArt analysis
Observe Board customization Lobby screen


What happens to openfoxwq browser application?

I won't develop it further. Instead, I will focus on minifoxwq. The site will be up until around new year (2024), after which it will be taken down. If you enjoyed openfoxwq, you will probably like minifoxwq. You can read a bit more about the rationale here.

Why is minifoxwq not open-source?

The source code contains details about the protocol which I'm afraid could be used by some malicious parties to do more than a simple third-party client for compatibility purposes. Thus, since the goal is provide a viable alternative for those who want to play on Fox and do not have a Windows system, I decided to keep it closed-source for the time being and distribute it as shareware. Additionally, note that since the client is built by reverse engineering the protocol, this is against their ToS and I would prefer to minimize the risk of them taking legal action against me.

Will my account get banned if I use minifoxwq?

Possibly. However, I'm not aware of anyone's account being banned during the lifetime of the client (almost a year now) and I doubt they will take any action unless the accounts are used for explicit malicious purposes rather than just interacting regularly with their servers.

Is the score-estimator supported?

Yes, since version v0.10.

Why is this website so ugly?